A collage of Italian figures drawn in an illustrative styleA collage of Italian figures drawn in an illustrative style

'Piccolino', the Italian Restaurant heart of Fitzroy North

A top view of a pizza being held above a wooden table top
Spaghetti in a Bowl
Spaghetti in a Bowl
Making a Pasta
Pizza with a Fork and Knife
Who we are

Try our well-known Woodfired Pizza and Homemade Pasta

Located in the heart of Fitzroy North, Piccolino is a little Italian restaurant, a home away from home. It's the perfect place for friends and family to gather and enjoy genuine Italian cuisine, including delicious woodfired pizza, in an authentic Italian atmosphere.

The Story of Andrea and Piccolino

In 2012, a young Italian man named Andrea Fioriti made a brave step.

He got on a plane and left everything he knew, his family and friends and his hometown of Perugia in Italy, to venture to a country on the other side of the world where he knew no one. Australia.

Andrea was in search of a different life from the one he had known, determined to challenge himself and experience something unique.

Life in Australia was not easy for Andrea, but with determination and hard work as a chef, he gained Australian permanent residency in 2018.

One day whilst reflecting, Andrea said to himself, “I love Australia, I am happy here, but there is something vital missing…my family and friends”

Andrea asked himself how he could fix this problem, and so, Piccolino was born.

Baked Pizza with a Wine
Baked Pizza with a Wine
Piccolino Interior
Making Spaghetti

Book Your  Function at Piccolino

We are committed to sharing the love and personality of our venue with you in every way possible, so that your experience with us is nothing short of fabulous.

Whether it’s a friendly Italian greeting on arrival, or a cheeky ‘high-five’ on your way out, we want to ensure a fun experience is had by all no matter what the occasion

We’re all about the little things, the one percenters you might say - it’s these that make all the difference. And whilst our space is considered small compared with others, be assured our authentic Italian food & beverage offering packs a punch.

Hope we’ll celebrate with you soon.

Chef Andrea Fioriti holding pasta as he looks down on the table
A yellow illustration of the Italian map
"We take pride in an authentic approach to making woodfired pizza, and are responsible for some of this city's best house-made pasta and gnocchi dishes. We are also the very proud creator of a Melbourne first and our now most talked about dish, the Spag Bowl"

Andrea Fioriti ~ Head Chef & Owner

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