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Piccolino's "Pasta in a Pizza Bowl": taste our homemade pasta in a edible handcrafted pizza bowl

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Piccolino Invites You to Savor Our Exclusive "Pasta Bowl" signature dish

The Pasta in a Pizza Bowl is an innovative dish that combines woodfired pizza and homemade pasta, offering a delightful fusion; the best of both worlds some might say.

Choose from three pasta options (homemade spaghetti, tagliatelle, or potato/ricotta gnocchi) served in an edible bowl made from pizza dough that has rested for 72 hours, providing a uniquely delicious experience

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how we make our Pasta in a pizza bowl?

At our core, we are dedicated to infusing the love and charm of our venue into every aspect of your visit, ensuring it's nothing short of fabulous. From a warm Italian welcome upon arrival to a playful 'high-five' as you depart, we aim to make every occasion enjoyable. 

Despite our intimate space, we focus on the little things, the nuances that make a significant impact. Our commitment to delivering an authentic Italian culinary experience may come in a small package, but it undeniably packs a punch. 

We look forward to celebrating with you soon.

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"We take pride in an authentic approach to making woodfired pizza, and are responsible for some of this city's best house-made pasta and gnocchi dishes. We are also the very proud creator of a Melbourne first and our now most talked about dish, the Spag Bowl"

Andrea Fioriti ~ Head Chef & Owner

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