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Live In Collingwood? Come to Piccolino Pizza In Fitzroy North - It's The Best Italian Restaurant In The Area

Piccolino Woodfired Pizza & Homemade Pasta, Italian restaurant, is ideal for a night out with friends or a yearning for excellent pizza and pasta at home. This neighborhood dining place is located in the heart of Fitzroy North and is only an eight-minute drive from Collingwood.

Most appetizers are available for simple delivery and include fresh and authentic Italian flavors. The Spag Bowl, a unique design by Piccolino that always pleases the crowd, is a standout option. Imagine a woodfired oven pizza dough dish lavishly packed with homemade pasta - a Melbourne culinary first.

For those with a more traditional palette, the menu includes house-made pasta or gnocchi. If you decide to dine in, these dishes are made fresh daily and are ideal for sharing.

Don't hesitate any longer! Reach out to us today and indulge in the exquisite Italian dishes offered at the best Italian restaurant in Melbourne.

Best Italian Restaurant In Collingwood

Piccolino Woodfired Pizza & Homemade Pasta, Italian restaurant, promises a tantalizing culinary journey. This Collingwood treasure is a popular spot for pizza aficionados, having earned the famous title of "Best Pizza in Collingwood."

Customers may relish each scrumptious taste as the aroma of woodfired oven-baked crust wafts through the air. Piccolino makes the greatest pizza and serves the best homemade pasta in Collingwood

Try The Spag Bowl In Collingwood 

Piccolino Woodfired Pizza & Homemade Pasta, Italian restaurant where house-made spaghetti is imaginatively presented in an edible pizza bowl, bringing together the finest of the pizza and pasta worlds, serves the distinctive Spag-bowl.

Our pizza restaurant is known for perfectly integrating classic and modern components. While our menu features classic Italian dishes, the ambiance is bright and dynamic.

There is a restaurant to suit every palate and preference in Melbourne's enormous culinary scene, a city recognized for its great dining experiences. The Piccolino staff believes in pulling inspiration from the past, embracing the present, and striking a pleasant balance to provide a fantastic culinary experience for families and friends.

Deliver To Collingwood 

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Chef Andrea Fioriti holding pasta as he looks down on the table
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"We take pride in an authentic approach to making woodfired pizza, and are responsible for some of this city's best house-made pasta and gnocchi dishes. We are also the very proud creator of a Melbourne first and our now most talked about dish, the Spag Bowl"

Andrea Fioriti ~ Head Chef & Owner

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