Best Gnocchi you’ve ever tasted

December 8, 2020

The Best Gnocchi in Melbourne. Only available at Piccolino. Located in Fitzroy North.

Affectionately known as Piccolino Pizza, this family-operated pizzeria - trattoria is located in the heart of Fitzroy North, the inner suburbs of Melbourne’s north.

Served from authentic Italian cuisines such as pizza, pasta, or a combination of the two which we call a spag bowl with a ‘what’s fresh today’ philosophy in a bright, quirky, and ‘always a little bit cheeky’ single-fronted shop front space.

One of the most talked-about items on the seasonal menu is the gnocchi; many have said it's the ‘best gnocchi in Melbourne’. What makes them so extra special is that they are made with Gluten-Free flour, making it approachable for just about everybody… how good is that?

Just like many great trattoria’s in Italy the menu changes seasonally making it just that little more special. So you could be enjoying a wild boar ragu in the coldest of winter months, and just three months later tucking into a fresh prawn and zucchini dish…just like that! This approach is so typical of an Italian trattoria and this is what the people of Melbourne have come to enjoy from Andrea and the team at Piccolino.

Piccolino is much more than just a favorite for those residing in Fitzroy North, it’s become a part of the local village fabric. A place where locals have become friends, these friendships are now a part of the Piccolino family.

Chef Andrea Fioriti holding pasta as he looks down on the table
A yellow illustration of the Italian map
"We take pride in an authentic approach to making woodfired pizza, and are responsible for some of this city's best house-made pasta and gnocchi dishes. We are also the very proud creator of a Melbourne first and our now most talked about dish, the Spag Bowl"

Andrea Fioriti ~ Head Chef & Owner

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