Life after Covid 19

December 21, 2022

The great news is we did what we had to do, and we’re still here to tell the story.

Let’s be honest, whilst Covid 19 was a very challenging time for any business owner, it is fair to say that the Melbourne hospitality space was heavily hit. At first, we were so fearful of ‘the unknown’, then of course scrambling to figure out ‘what do we do’, and then ultimately ‘how would we survive’ to get through this incredibly dynamic and unique experience.

The great news is we did, and we’re here to tell the story.

Whether we liked it or not, take-away became a big part of our offering, and Pizza & Pasta were the unsung heroes in helping us stay on our feet. We will be forever grateful to these classic Italian staples because these dishes were the comfort food everyone needed. Whilst our homemade gnocchi dishes have always been a big hit, the woodfired pizza and handmade pasta dishes were the go-to every time. 

We introduced online platform partners in Ubereats and Doordash, and these services enabled us to deliver our homemade Italian food within the 5km neighbourhood. This included the suburbs of North Fitzroy, North Carlton, Clifton Hill, Collingwood, Brunswick, and even people from Northcote and Thornbury were ordering from us.

In reflection, this COVID 19 ‘disaster’ as we first referred to it, kinda forced us to sit back and invest time into shaping a new arm of the business that we’d previously not had the time and energy for. We're very grateful to have opened our minds and done so now.

Chef Andrea Fioriti holding pasta as he looks down on the table
A yellow illustration of the Italian map
"We take pride in an authentic approach to making woodfired pizza, and are responsible for some of this city's best house-made pasta and gnocchi dishes. We are also the very proud creator of a Melbourne first and our now most talked about dish, the Spag Bowl"

Andrea Fioriti ~ Head Chef & Owner

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